... to everyone who brought their Minis and to those who came to watch the Mini Challenge! This was a great weekend, and everyone put forth a huge effort to get their cars ready, shiny and racing. We are still getting photos and news from the weekend, and will continue to make additions to this site. In the mean time, here are ...

Race Results

Photo Gallery including MPG movies!



We're Gonna Be On (Video) TV! Oct. 23
The details are still being worked out, but there will be a 1-hour video made of the Mini Challenge! Along with interviews and an attempt to capture the general je ne se quois of the Challenge, the video will also include some on-car camera footage from the race itself. If you have a camera and a camera mount on your car, and would like to donate some footage, please call the Mini Mania office.

T-Shirt and Poster Still Available! Dec. 03
Were the T-shirts and posters sold out by the time you got to the track? No problem, Mini Mania now has them in stock! For more info or to order, click on the links below.

T-Shirt, Part No. SHIRT03
Poster, Part No. POSTER03

List of Entries Posted Aug. 27
Click on the ENTRIES link to the left to see a list of who is registered in the Mini Challenge, and what they will be driving!

Message Board Buzz Aug. 2
Catch two lively discussions on who's going, who WISHES they were going, and all that fun informal stuff on the Mini Mania Message Board.
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